Silica (silflint) wrote,

Сказочка на ночь.

В любимой английской школочке получила задание: написать рассказ (about 150 words), и чтоб начинался "Last year I spent..."
Вдохновение снизошло, и получилась сказочка.

Last year I spent my holidays in a lonely small cottage near Pskov, and my landlord told me a tale.
Once upon a time there was a frog in our bog. She was named Vasilisa. She was green, bright and pimply like a small cucumber.
One morning a long arrow went into her tussock.
"WTF?!!" - Vasilisa yelled.
"It's an arrow!"- an old turtle answered. "It means that You'll be a princess. Your Prince is coming to meet You just now!"
"Oh, no!" - the frog bawled.
She was afraid.
She kept her place wery well and She didn't like to change anything in her life.
Vasilisa hid under her tussock.
Ivan the Prince looked for the frog with the arrow for a few days, but he was defeated. Ivan went home and got married to some Princess. This Princess was evil and ugly.
Ivan-Prince came to the evil King. He decided to destroy the bog. As a result of that Vasilisa and all her family were killed.
And that's right.
Because Vasilisa wanted only stability.

Я бы чуть длиннее написала и мораль бы вывела, но место кончилось.
Но домашку мне всё равно не сразу вернули: читали вслух в учительской и копировали себе. ))
Немножечко горжусь.
Tags: Антропология, Не потерять!
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